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And the weekend ends!

Yes, I know, it is Monday morning and I have been back for about 20 hours or so, but give me a little credit, would you? I woke up at 5 AM on Saturday, and about 6 AM on Sunday. Those days are my weekend. WEEKEND, when I can sleep. SLEEP! On the whole, the trip was a whole lot of meh. Fun times that were equalled out with not so fun times. Am I glad I went? Yes, I am, so I guess overall it is a meh +. Or something. I'm not sure how it works out, really.

I was compared to the 40 year old virgin by my 20 year old cousin. He was quite proud of himself. Little does the boy know that I've been comparing myself to the 40 year old virgin since the movie came out. But I let him have his victory, because the poor boy probably needed one. I mean, he's shagging a woman who doesn't shave her pits for Pete's sake. She's decent looking, though. Not great, but not fugly. She has a cute little dog named Dakota, too. I think Dakota's a boxer, but I can't be sure. Whatever she is, that dog is skinny. Like Kate Moss skinny. Though Sarah, for that is her name (though I'm not sure if she spells it with an h, it might just be Sara), swears that she feeds that dog all the time. Sarah's little brother, Tommy, was also there. Tommy seems like a good kid, and my cousin likes him, so at the very least if Eddie and Sarah get hitched he will have a good brother in law (something my father lacks, though my mother has my Uncle Manuel, and he is great). The three of them got drunk, with Eddie and Tommy getting smashed. It was annoying. Still, I haven't spent a lot of time with Eddie in years. So it was good to rekindle my relationship with him and his sister.

On the whole, the land wasn't that great. It was all dry and dead and shit. It probably looks absolutely beautiful in the spring time when it isn't 100 degrees and the grass isn't dried up to the point where we couldn't even have a bonfire because of the possibility of a brushfire. But the trip up there WAS beautiful. There were no waterfalls, as my father said there would not be, and I wept, because I love waterfalls. Don't really know why, I just do.

The worst part of the day was aquiring myself a little shadow in the way of my psuedo-step-niece (my cousin's (Javier) girlfriend's like five year old daughter. They won't get married, or probably won't... hence the psuedo) Serena. Ali (other female cousin) and I were watching Lilo and Stitch, because she had never seen it and I had the portable dvd player and I would be damned if I wasn't going to use that shit... anyway, she came around and wanted to watch with us. We were nice and said okay. The kid got cold, I let her use my Disneyland sweater, because in spite of my hatred of children I do not want them dead or suffering. It's a weakness, I know. Trust me. I know. Anyway, the movie ends and it is all dark. Everyone has moved up the hill for smores except for me, Ali, Serena and Sarah (with Dakota). Serena cries because she's scared. So I have to carry her ass up the damned hill. She's not fat, but carrying anyone up hill is not fun. Then, she became attached to me. And it stucked. She got marshmallow on my sweater, which also sucked. But I am free of the little shadow, and that does not suck.

Come Sunday we were forced into the obligation photo, but not before me and my Aunt got up early and took a shower at the main house. We counted and there were like 24 people, including us, who needed to take a shower. We weren't going to be waiting in no line full of stinky people. It was my idea, I was smart. Then sometime later the obligation photo happened. I wanted to duck out, trust me, but they would not let me. They, they being my family, do not understand how important my beliefs are. Bastards. But we left, with Eddie, Tommy and Sarah following us because we shaved off about an hour of their time from when they drove up there themselves.

On the way home I found myself enduring an odd sensation: Car sickness. No, really, it was bad. I wasn't surprised, though. Mix in the altitude of the place we were with all the twists in the road and the fact that I was reading my book, that's a potent combination for some swirling tummies, let me tell you. I felt better after I got some air, and the wind actually helped my hair, so all was well. During the trip, my car charger for the dvd player broke, and it made me sad. But I had also brought the wall charger (because I'm smart) and that worked. So I could charge that, which I did. I went to best buy looking for a replacement, because there was one in Merced. Sadly, they had none that worked for my kind of dvd player, and they were also uber expensive. I did manage to pick up Pochahontas, which made me happy. On the way home I watched the episode of Gilmore Girls where Trix dies. When we went through Los Banos it was 111 degrees, and we passed the Dairy Queen. Obviously, we diverted ourselves and went there. I got a banana split. Mmmm.

And therein lied the trip. I'm about 75% done with the Anita Blake book, I've got around 100 pages left. There's been too much smut for my taste, as is the case with most of the books later in the series, but on the whole I've been relatively entertained. Good times.


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Jul. 17th, 2006 07:04 pm (UTC)
aww set carrying a kid! too cute for words! How can you not like kids when you, yourself, are so much a kid? silly.

You shoulda taken pictures!
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