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I've become addicted...

To Utada's Final Distance. DAMNED good song. The video sucks all kinds, but the song itself kicks so much ass. Sadly, for some reason, the video is kind of skippy. Luckily, I have two versions, one live on unplugged, so I can listen to that. I wikied the song and I found out that it was written after one of her fans died in a school stabbing or shooting or something. It is so much better than the regular Distance. That song is all peppy and happy, and I mean it's a good song, but it lacks the ANGST! Good shit. If Trisney had a theme song, it would be the instrumental version of Final Distance. I can't even use my Trisney icon anymore because of that fucking icon expiring thing. Curse you, time! Curse you! Pluto, why must you torment me so? Was I not faithful?

In a twist of irony, my parents are leaving for the arts and crafts fair, which is where I shall be a little bit later. Thankfully they're not trying to drag my ass with them, because that would be craptacular.