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World Series of Pop Culture on Vh1??

Honestly, what the hell? More importantly: HOW THE HELL WAS I NOT INVITED TO THAT SHIT!? I am the pop culture guru, dammit! My powers WILL be respected. Stupid asses. I'm gonna watch that show and kick some ass.

In other news: 580 dollar paycheck for meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Discounting the money I'm going to save give to my parents, I got cash, yo. Spent some of that already. They had Everwood season 1 on sale on Amazon for 20 bucks. I picked that shit up in a hurry, partly because I can never find it at Best Buy, and even if I did I know it won't be nearly as cheap as 20 dollars.

I'm watching, or was watching, One Life to Live. The girl they cast as Claudia is seriously Diego on GH level bad. She can't act worth shit. In other soap related whatnot: the As the World Turns cast member who died killed himself. I'm sad. Sad that he died, sad that I don't care that he died that much, just sad.

I went to the gym today to weigh myself. It said I weighed like 225 fucking pounds. That is a load of shit. I know I don't weigh THAT much. Especially given the fact that I just gave my new ID the weight of 205. I think. Damn, I need me a digital scale or some shit. But I'm not about to spend money on that.

The auctions we put up on ebay ended. And again, nobody bought anything. I don't have to do that anymore, so I'm happy. I love my boss... sometimes... but I knew he was so off base with the shit he was thinking everything was worth. Glad to be rid of that.

Now I'm just waiting for girltype to contact me so we can decide what, if anything, we will be doing this weekend.