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Job Update!

I guess I won't be quitting, because I was told today that what I do does not impact what the girl does, and what was my big concern. Plus, I'm going to be coming in at noon and leaving around 4 (or 5 which is more likely in my mind), so that means that it won't be so hard for me to get a ride. It will still prove to be a bitch sometimes, but it won't be IMPOSSIBLE. Or, God Willing, it won't. Who knows, maybe I can start working out early in the morning if I go to work with my mom. Of course, I would THEN need to find a ride from the gym to my work. But, you know... it could work. It's just an idea. I likely won't do it. Which is sad, because I'm a fatty and I want to lose weight. Still, I should only be losing about 200 dollars a check instead of 300. Not the hit I wanted to take, but overall it is still better. And money is money. Set needs DVDs, dammit! Plus, as I've said many, many times, I adore the hell out of Blaine. He's just so cool. I wonder if I annoy him, I think I do. Which is sad.

As an aside, it has been three weeks since I called Christopher, he never called me back. So, I've concluded... I am done. I still love that boy deeply, because he helped me through so much without even thinking about it, but that's it. If I see him, I'll be happy, I'll want to hang out, but that's it. Aidan has since become my best male friend, which is pathetic, given the fact that I haven't spoken to Aidan in two months. I'm a sorry, sorry sack of shit, I am. He said he was going to call me after he saw X3, too. Liar! Unless he never saw it. Or, he realized how much it sucked. I miss Aidan, and Brian, and Ben, and Chris (different Chris) and Dave... they my boys. That's why I hate summer. I miss my school friends so damned much.

I'm still indignant over Lauren Graham's situation... but that's just me.

girltype is no longer the worst real life LJ friend evah! At least for another couple hundred days. Called her ass, but she, like my cousin, never picks up the phone. Though, my cousin DID call me back. Shock.

I've come up with a way that she can pay me back, too. FIND THE NEW SM TOWN VIDEO, DOWNLOAD THAT SHIT AND BURN ME THE VID ON A CD!!!! Not the album, just the vid. Put other random vids on there if you want, but make sure that shit is there. I watched it at work, it was odd... but I need to watch it over and over again before I can truly grasp everything. That is part of your payment.