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Watch now, as Set weeps...

Say goodbye to 120 dollars... *cries*

Apparently, because I'm just a temp worker, I don't get holiday pay. That's funny, because I got holiday pay last time I worked here, as a temp worker. Of course, I didn't object to anything that Val told me, because it obviously isn't up to her, and I adore Val, so yeah. Still, those 120 dollars would have been nice. I guess if I should ever sell anything on ebay *which is unlikely* I can make up the difference. If not, oh well.

I spent some of the nest egg money yesterday. Only like 15 bucks. I also got myself a TiVo (80 hours, capable of recording two shows at once... 150 dollar rebate... mmmmm) and Commander in Chief season 1.1 and Golden Girls season 4. I wanted to get Scott Clifton's movie, Arizona Summer, but sadly, they did not have it. Which means I have to hit up the amazon next week when I get paid and order that shit. It'll probably be craptastic, but Scott Clifton is my boy, and you know me, I support my boy. Blindly at times, but whatever. For all I know it could be really good. Stupid thing took like 4 or 5 years just to come out, which probably doesn't say much for the quality. They also didn't have Roseanne season 4, which made me MAD because I wanted that shit bad. Commander In Chief was the most important purchase, followed by Arizona Summer.

In other news girltype retains her strong hold on 'the worst real life friend who is also an lj friend EVER award' for reasons that should be well known to her. Heh, I sounded like Joan Crawford there. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!

Okay, I feel better. Not really, but a four day weekend! Although, part of that four day weekend involves the 4th, where my mother acts like a total bitch and I have to put up with fireworks that I don't even give a flying fuck about. Ugh.


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Jul. 1st, 2006 05:34 am (UTC)
Aaawww yes i know how you hate this weekend man. How was the birthday?

We gotta talk on yahoo messenger sometime maybe tomorrow morning. I have been busy helpin the neighbor with his children. This weekend isn't going to be that great either for me. LOL

I have some news for you.
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