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Circumstance, she is cruel...

I like to have enough time to do some writing before I go to work. You know, so I don't have to worry about doing it when I get back. Since I have a lot of time on my hands. Usually around an hour or so, I'm normally able to get something done in that time in addition to checking my e-mail and looking at various things. But that doesn't work when it takes me 15 minutes JUST to connect to the internet. Seriously. For three minutes there was no dial tone, so I had to go and fix that. The wiring in this house sucks. Then, it gets to work, and my dad comes into the room and sits on the bed, which somehow manages to disconnect the wires and then I have to spend another 10 minutes JUST to get the stupid computer to a reasonable speed. Ergo, it is now 6:51, and my time has been severely wasted. It makes me sad.

Yesterday I had intended on doing both the writings that I needed to do today, but something happened yesterday that screwed that shit up, too. I worked for about an extra hour. It sucked. God I hope they're not starting to think that they can just keep on using my ass over and over. Blaine didn't even seem to care. Not that I told him anything, but he's usually like 'you've been here since 8, it's 4. You can go.' Not yesterday. Maybe it was a one time only thing. Then, my mother picked me up and we went into town, which took up another hour of my time. So, I was only able to get one post done. It made me sad.

But not all was full of the sadness. Also yesterday my boss told me that my hair looked good. It was pleasant. He said that I had some Prince vibe going on. The artist originally, then formerly, and now once again known as, not the royalty. He asked if I liked Prince, and I said I wasn't a big fan but I appreciated the man because he mentioned Dynasty in Kiss. The boss was amused. He was further amused when I told him that I loved Dynasty because it had Joan Collins, who taught me everything I ever needed to know about being a bitch. Much love, Joan. Much love.

So yeah, in terms of writing time, the work is kicking my ass. But that's okay. I'm not exactly stumbling or anything. At least not yet. It'd be worse if I went out a lot (or, ever... really), but since I don't really go out or get invited to parties when people have them *cough* girltype *cough*, s'alright.

Oh! Now I remember. Yesterday, yahoo launchcast told me that I had used up all the songs I could listen to during their free account trial run or whatever. It was depressing. Now I have to make my own station. Janet!!! I've been in a Janet mood lately, I have. So, when I get to work today, I'll customize that station.