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Just talked to my best friend (my best best friend, not Christopher) for the first time in months... AFTER she had her baby, AFTER her birthday... and yeah. I told her that I, as her best friend, merited much more than a generic e-mail detailing the tiny tidbit of her having a damned baby! Of course, it was all in some form of jest. Was I irked? Yes, of course. But was I really mad about it? Never.

Anyway, she told me that she and another friend of mine are going to have a little reunion thing for all of our close friends from back in Elementary school. It was a small, small school. K-8, so over those years we got pretty close. Then, everything went to hell once we hit high school, but you know, before that, all was good. Well, kind of. Not all, of course. Things happen. So, there's the idea (it really is an idea, because as much as I love my best friend, she's flighty) of us all going to have lunch or whatever. If it happens, it happens. I'll be very happy if it happens. I really will be. All of my friends are either hitched, with babies, or some combination of the two... which, actually... yeah. That really doesn't make me feel all that great. But you got to do what you got to do, right?

Speaking of Christopher... his birthday is on Thursday, so I shall make my obligatory birthday call to him then. He never called me back after I called him in August, and I'm still embittered about that, but since Christopher is easily the best male friend I've ever had (We won't say anything about it being on the flipside), I really figure I should at least call him on his birthday. If he never calls back, once again, then so be it. If he doesn't have that number anymore... well, I did my part. Though, I won't lie, if he doesn't call back or he changed his number I will be sad. Bastard pretty much tossed me to the curb after he left, but damned if I don't miss him.

Going on the tangent of the phone, I think it's time I got a new one. I mean, I just charged the stupid thing yesterday, right? So, I talked to Sarah for about 20 minutes today, and Liz for about 5 before it told me it needed to be recharged. I guess the battery life is just down the tubes now or something. Since dad is adamant on not allowing me to get a new tv, he says I can use my gift card on a new phone. I say fuck this. I don't want to use my gift card on a new phone. He also shot down the idea of the new monitor, which I REALLY want.

But not as much as I want my Ricky (see how I'm weaving this? Fear me and my skills), who is yet to return. I think he's gone. Dad thinks that someone stole him, which I can believe because that cat was a badass and if I didn't have him I would want to steal him. I actually wanted to steal him and take him to school with me anyway. Plus, we've had a cat stolen from us before (another cat I loved dearly... always happens to me. The cats I don't care about are always fine... bastards), and there was the time that we had my dog (again, MY dog. God hates me...) stolen by one of my parents' cracked out friends because he wanted to sell her puppies for money with which to get his next fix. We found her after she had the babies. Funny part is... my parents have since welcomed the guy into our home again. Even I have, on a certain level. Don't get me wrong, I won't ever forgive him, but I see that he's managed to turn his life around. I don't trust him, I don't like him, but I tolerate him. Let me tell you, though, the first time I saw him at my house, I went apeshit. Good times. Things like that only further prove why I'm A) The moral foundation of my family (because I tend to think that welcoming someone back into the house after they stole your dog is wrong... what a funny concept), but also why I'm B) So fucked up in the head.

The other option is that Ricky is dead. We'll avoid that one.