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Goodbye, Everwood...

Last night was the finale two episode of Everwood. I could have sworn that the advertising on the episode said something about Madison being a part of the whole thing, but for the life of me I never saw her. Parts of it were really, really good. Seriously, so good. It still wasn't as good as the Charmed finale, but it was way better than the Will and Grace finale. Plus, they played something that sounded like the theme song, but wasn't the exact theme song. It was a very, very pretty song. I love Everwood's theme, though. Plus, I love Hannah. I will miss her. Beloved Hannah. Too bad they only put season 1 out on DVD, because that show be damned good. DAMNED good. There was a crack about Ephram getting his hair cut, which caused me to chuckle. Though, I wouldn't call that a haircut. Boy needed an actual haircut, lemme tell ya.

I took the day off from work, because I felt like it. The joy of making up my own hours is that I don't have to go in if I don't want to. And I really didn't want to go in today. Yesterday I had to drag this huge ass electro-steam generator thing out from the warehouse, where it was hidden behind boxes and boxes of other stuff, which I had to move. Much unhappiness. We STILL haven't put anything on Ebay yet, though my boss swears that we can sell the electro steam generator thing (which we have two of, though I haven't seen the second one) for 3000... 3000 X 2 = 6000, 6000/2 = 3000 for me. Again, I'm not exactly depending on such things. But, if it happens, it happens. And, if it happens, I get a happy.

Mother got sick, so it's actually a pretty good thing that I decided to take the day off so I can watch her, and, you know, push her down stairs and make it look like an accident. I kid, I kid. We don't have stairs. I did three loads of laundry for her yesterday. We also got Chinese at the Red Dragon (it has some random Chinese name which I can't spell), damn I forgot how much that food sucks. I don't think there's good Chinese food in this town. I miss Peeking. I miss it so much!

Oh yeah, daddy had a dream that I came out of the closet! So, now, to taunt him, I'm acting even more gay than I normally do. Like, last night, I was watching the episode of King of the Hill with the gay rodeo and I told him that I wanted to go there so I could feel like I belonged. He wasn't pleased. But I was.