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I forgot something...

Okay, so I didn't really forget anything so much as I have been remiss in my faith... but I've been watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls (old as in season 2). Right now I'm watching the one where Rory and co make the portable first aid kit... damned good times.

'I don't know how to build a robot...'
'But you've tried, haven't you?'
'... yes, I have.'

Why is that funny? I don't know. It just is. As an aside: I REALLY miss Dean. Don't get me wrong, I love Jess. I do not love Literati, the Rory/Jess combo, but I love Jess. Dean got annoying around this episode (ten messages), but that was because Rory was being a bitch... which I realize was Jess's fault. Still, I like Rory and Dean. They were cute together. Rory and Jess pre couple were funny together. Logan and Rory just anger me.

As an aside, I tried to watch Matt Czurchy's movie about the kid who has like Lukemia or whatever... I'm seriously not trying to trivialize what the character had, but I honestly can't remember if it was that. It wasn't all that great. I try and support the actors who play characters on shows that I love. But it was Logan... so can you really blame me? The fact that it was super late, by my standards (IE: 10 PM), might have something to do with it... but, shh.

I start work tomorrow. God willing, I won't hate it. Again, God willing.

Oh yeah! The guy who writes Young Avengers (which was once one of the best books on the market, before it decided to fuck up continuity left and right) was a writer or at least a producer on Gilmore Girls. It made me happy... but since I intend on dropping Young Avengers when the current run ends, I'm kind of conflicted. I mean... Gilmore Girls... writer... comics... I'm getting his Wonder Woman though, does that count?