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I'm connected at a fancy 28.8!!! Yes, it's still pathetic, but by the standards of which my internet connection is judged, it is a step above the normal level of pathetic! Yay, I'm moving on up! To the east side! To the deluxe apartment in the sky! There's also some part about pie, but I can't remember what it is. I had pie last night. Coconut cream pie. So great. Sadly, it got my keyboard keys all sticky. I need to really stop eating and typing at the same time. It's never a good thing. Of course, if we were a standard family... we'd eat together at a table, but to hell with that. There was that one time... I think when I was home for Winter Break, and they were like 'we're eating together as a family!' Oh, yeah, it was Winter Break, because we went to my grandma's. Because it was her idea, I didn't bitch. I'm a good grandma's boy like that. Seriously, I'm whipped as all hell by that woman, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, to wipe down the keys with some water... and then do some writing. Those of you with big plans, enjoy them. Me? I'm just going to sit here and watch soaps. Maybe, MAYBE hit up best buy.