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Now that's a series finale!

Indeed... Charmed did a damned good series finale. It wasn't as dramatic as I would have liked, especially given the episode that came before it, but the lightheartedness of the finale was also good and welcome because, let's face it, I like to laugh. Guest stars galore, but all of them had their own part in the mythos, so while it may have been a little bit crowded it wasn't all that bad. The end, with the beautiful music and all the pictures, did indeed have me misty eyed. That was what the Will and Grace finale should have been like in essence. Not in actuality, of course, because they're two different entities with different MOs. It wasn't all perfect, though. The one scene with the whole family being together and hugging lacked Paige's husband, Henry, which I found to be a glaring mistake. But, aside from that, it really was damned good.

But not NEARLY as good as Desperate Housewive's two hour season finale! The first ten minutes, my mouth was agape. Granted, it was because of the fact that I thought something had happened that hadn't, but it was still an 'oh my, are they really doing that?' moment. The flashback scenes with all the ladies being welcomed by one another, starting with Mary Alice, was a very welcome addition. Plus, I got to see Rex again! REX!!! I miss Rex so, so much. The two hours were quite filled to the brim, and while I still can't care less about Susan and Mike being together, the ending of that storyline had me very angered. Not nearly as angered as the final scene of the episode, though. Damn it!!! I don't want that to happen. She's been with enough psychopaths, don't give her another!

Seeing Joy Bisco, formerly of Port Charles fame, was kind of amusing. Given that she's like in her early 30s and playing a teenager. I kept on going 'is that Joy Bisco?' So I made sure to watch the guest starring list at the beginning of the episode and my keen eye was rewarded with the knowledge that I was correct. Like Charmed before it, Desperate had a flaw in that Edie was nowhere to be seen. Given what happened last week, it wasn't unexpected, but it was still a disappointment.

But, on the whole, I was extremely pleased with my tv viewing last night. Charmed may have become crap on the whole, but last night's episode really was as close to perfect as could have been expected, and what can I say about Desperate? I'm not about to abandon my ladies of Wysteria anytime soon. No sir.