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So, I'm here, stuck at the childhood home, and already hating it. For some reason, my television will not play surround sound with the surround sound system. That's not all that bad, since I really never used it that much at school, but still... it would have been nice to have, you know? I really wanted to watch the Will and Grace finale with the surround sound... to bask in the glory.

But, what glory was there? I mean, really... let's be 100% honest here. The Will and Grace finale, as far as finales go... SUCKED ASS!!!! I mean, we're talking Dynasty level suckitude. I was expecting all these great moments where I would be on the verge of tears, or literally just bawling my eyes out... and I didn't get any of that. I didn't even laugh that much during Karen and Jack's scenes (though, them singing the song of the post title was probably the high point). I feel extremely let down. To the point where I will not be purchasing the finale on dvd. I will buy it when season 8 comes out on DVD, because it will be part of the package, but aside from that, I won't be. I'm just upset. I mean, I got more emotional feelings out of watching the last episode of Fresh Prince, a show which I LOATHE, than I did watching Will and Grace, a show I adore. Add in the rather meh ending of Grey's, the so-so (but still nice) ending of Malcolm, the piece of shit Gilmore ending, the rather anti-climatic but so help me I will be indignant if they don't renew it ending of Reba... and, actually, I think those are the only shows I watch that have ended as of today (Desperate and Charmed come up next)... if Charmed doesn't give me happy warm fuzzy moments (And I watch Charmed because it's the last season, I don't care for it like Will and Grace, mind you), I'll just be pissed.

I kind of imagined myself screaming in the audience 'we don't want you to go!!!' But, with that episode, I might have just been all 'yeah, it's over... go on, pack up your shit.' Such a disappointment. I expected so much more...