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A semi-coherant update!!!

I haven't updated in four days, and in that time, stuff has happened. Oh yes, stuff has happened. I finished my final for my Shakespeare class (it was a take home final), but I have a feeling that my teacher will hate it, like she hates everything that I turn in, the bitch. Oh well, I might take the class again next semester, unless I through some sheer stroke of fortune manage to pass the class. That doesn't appear to be very big on the likelikhood scale, though. I also wrote my final paper for my Modern Novel class. It's shit... actually, it's kind of decent, but by my standards its shit. It doesn't matter, because my teacher really doesn't read anything anyway and just likes to give out grades. I actually haven't gotten any papers back from him, but I hope to God that I don't end up failing that class, too. I don't think I will. That guy doesn't fail anyone.

So, final's start tomorrow. The only one I have to do is my modern novel final, which is at noon. I'll probably go to school around the same time, kick it for two hours and some change, sell my books back (I was able to put all my books into my bag, but the bag weighed like 208029032 pounds, so I'm doing it in two spurts), which will afford me about as much money that is necessary to buy an extra value meal at McDonalds (not super sized)... but at least I'll be able to dance around in victory because the Shakespeare book will be GONE!!! And then, when I get back, I will watch GH (on a monday! GH ON A MONDAY!!!) and then write my final draft of my story. Nothing on Tuesday, cept laundry and a little bit of packing and cleaning, and then a final on Wednesday, turn in my Shakespeare and Story, get my comics, come home, more GH, write, DONE!!! I will be done!!!!

I've been playing a shit load of Super Smash Brothers Melee in the last month, with Brian, Aidan and some assorted people. I, of course, continue to own their collective, untalented asses, but that's the way that it goes. It brought about the icon, though I don't use Roy all that much... regardless, he has the red hair. It makes me sad though, because I'll be done and gone and we won't be able to do those fun things anymore.

I've also spent some time coming in and out of the Gilmore Girls marathon on ABC Family. I, of course, have seen all the episodes in question (and own all of them on DVD...), but, Gilmore Girls is Gilmore Girls. Right now it's the episode where Emily goes apeshit at the mall... one of the best episodes, bar none!

As an aside: the La la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la la song on Gilmore Girls (as seen in the final Logan/Rory scene of the season) is seriously like my life's anthem. I wonder if I can get that as a ring tone... hmm... time to go and look.