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Updateapalooza continues!

So, last night I watched the last episode of 7th Heaven. Now, I've never watched a full episode of 7th Heaven in my entire life, because the show pains the hell out of me and is soooo inane. Within the first ten minutes I couldn't help but wonder why it was that the show even ran for ten damned years. HORRIBLE SHOW!!! The things they said were stupid, the acting was decent enough, I guess, but the storylines were crap. Then they showed flashbacks, and Barry Watson had some MASSIVE hair. It hurt, a lot. I was like 'the hell was that boy thinking?' And then the very end? 6 Camden grandchildren? Perhaps 7, since it was kinda sorta maybe alluded to that the kid that one girl brought was Simon's... STUPID! And yet, I still got kind of sad. Stupid finales.

And then I watched Everwood, which was a lot better. Poor Reid, trying to kill himself. Plus, they did the PSA about suicide that I knew they would do, and I really like the way that they just sort of stand there and don't do nothing, but say so much with their eyes or whatnot. I could do that kind of acting. I certainly already do that kind of writing, and it really works!!! I hope that show goes to the CW, it's quality. Really, it is.

Tonight's Gilmore Girls... I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also hesistant. Let's be honest, it could suck. I know the WB preview things have lied the whole year, but really... if it ends with Lorelai sleeping with Christopher, I don't know what I'll do. I won't be happy, that's for sure. Even though I don't like Luke, and think he's being a huge ass about everything, I don't hate him that much. Or do I? Hmm, questions... the info button for the show shows something about a shrink, that could be funny.

And house doesn't look all that interesting. The two parter they just had would have been a good season finale. Especially given how that episode ended. Mmmhmm.

Did I mention Sunday's Desperate? MY GOD!!! SO GOOD!