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I hath reached a conclusion...

I am not into Grey's nearly as much anymore. The last few episodes have been crap. I mean, Bailey is no longer the Bailey I know and love. Kristina isn't nearly as funny as she should be... and now, I can't even love the fact that Alex is a dick because he became the uber-dick after what he did last night. It wasn't a great episode, though the divorce lawyer woman was a hottie. Next week, however, looks to be good on the 'establishing the status quo' thing. I need funny Bailey and Kristina, I need them, dammit!

Still, they get bonus points for having a cute little foal... I think that's the correct term for a newborn pony.

Desperate, on the other hand... my god, that was some good shit! Bree with the gun is always great! And Danielle and Matthew are evil little bastards. I don't like Caleb or Matthew, but I love Betty and I love Alfre Woodard. The end, with Gabi... traumatic! Poor thing.

In other news: I watched Scott Clifton's little interview thing on soapnet.com, the boy is so humble... like I needed more reason to love him. Next year, Scotty, next year!


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May. 1st, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC)
ooh I think Grey's is still great - it seems like they're building to some good stuff. And hello! Chris O'Donnell! yum yum!

I liked DW, too - but Gabi's scene just sort of screamed "look, I can act dramatically!"

I'm so cynical about that show!
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