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Because then I don't really have time to see who it is. But... I think it could have been Chris. It looked like his vehicle. Again, I didn't get a good look. Plus, the person waving looked rather dark, and unless Chris (who is white as wonderbread) got the opposite of vitaliago or however you spell it, it couldn't be him.

Apparently, a Kpop star is going to be on the OC tomorrow, but who? WHO!?! Going to check the IMDB and find out.

I've concluded that season 7 of Gilmore Girls is probably going to blow leaps and bounds. I mean, 'SOMEONE' looks to be preggers, and Luke was talking to them, which probably means that it's Lorelai, but the way that they do these things it might not be her. Still, I'm less than happy about it. Last night's episode was decent, however. I love Paris.

My life has recovered, there is not as much stress. Things are good. Celebrate the good things!


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Apr. 26th, 2006 07:07 pm (UTC)
I definitely don't think it was Lorelai - it wasn't her hair (the person Luke was saying it to) - I think it was his sister. Just a guess! I thought last night's episode was pretty good!
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