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I have bested Suikoden V!

Which means I have effectively beaten 3 of the five games in the series... while owning three of the five games in the series, yet playing four of them. I also have Tactics, but since Tactics isn't necessarily considered part of Suikoden proper, I don't really count it. The fact that I haven't actually beaten the game to boot might have something to do with me not counting it. Maybe. Nah. It was a good game, a really good game. Overall, I'd say I had way more fun playing that than Kingdom Hearts II (because the central character has a *gasp* storyline! Oh, wait, Sora has one of those... let me rephrase that... the central character has a *gasp* INTERESTING storyline!), and spent a good 30 extra hours playing it. Some of the music did suck, but the end music, the first stuff they play at the very end? That shit was good! If I get a PSP, and I probably will, I'll end up getting the Suikoden 1 and 2 game if it should come out stateside, and I think it will, if memory serves. Yeah, sure, I own Suikoden 2, but that's a mere technicality, I wouldn't mind having another copy. I actually kind of want to go and play Suikoden 2 over again. Damn, that game was good times. I won't, though. Because I have to actually start taking school seriously again. No, really, I will. Honest. Seriously. School. Yes indeed.

Last night, Brian and I went out again. We went to this fish place that we had seen at the Farmers Market, but damn we felt so out of place there. Everyone was like all older and shit, or dressed up fancy, and Brian and I were just there, me with my Disneyland sweater, him wearing a shirt with some guy on it. The food was all right. I had the calamari, but I hate it when they give me the calamari like squid things. I cannot and will not eat those. I want strips or rings, dammit! Strips or rings! So, the only really good place I've had calamari is at Tres Hombres... ironically, a mexican restaurant, but whatever. After that, we went to Tower Records, and then Coldstones, but they didn't have any waffle cone bowls, and I grieved. Regardless, I got me some cake batter ice cream. Brian didn't like the taste of that. Foolish boy. It's cake batter... in ice cream form... what's not to love?!

After that, we came home and I insisted that we watched Lilo and Stitch, because he had never seen it before, and that was a friggen sin! He didn't laugh as much as I laughed when I saw it the first time, but, granted, I saw it alone the first time. I love that movie SO damned much. He enjoyed it as well, which was pleasing. Before we left, though, he turned off the switch that powers my computer, so that meant that ALL the websites that I had in my drag bar thingy are gone... and I hate that, because there are plenty of times when I can't really remember what the hell I go to. Right now I've got less than ten of them.

The RP ad world has continued to be craptacular, and I grieve. Gonna check me the LJ ones in a sec, though I don't know why I bother, all LJ groups ever have are a bunch of stupid 'play this male celeb in a gay camp' or 'play a Harry Potter character in this gay smut based game,' okay, so that not's 100% accurate... but damn if it isn't a good 80%.