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Yesterday was a sad, sad day in TV land.

Not only was there no Will and Grace at all (a fact that I'm still bitter about, but tv.com says that it will start showing again until the end of the series come this upcoming Thursday), but my friend told me that Eva Longoria has no intentions of returning to Desperate Housewives when it comes back next season. How valid is this claim? I don't know. I would assume that they had a contract with her, a usual 7 season contract like most TV shows do, and while Gabi is my 3rd favorite Housewive, I still will miss her, should she leave.

Much more depressing is the fact that Amy and Daniel (the creators of Gilmore Girls) have decided not to make the shift over to the CW with the show. They wanted two more seasons, but they couldn't get it because the star are all only on contract for seven (hence why I assume that Eva would be as well), and Lauren Graham has said that she wants to leave the show after next season (IT HURTS!!!). So, it appears that our last season with the people of Stars Hollow and the surrounding areas are soon to be coming up. I will miss the show. I had a feeling it was coming, but that doesn't mean I won't miss the show with every fiber of my being.

Another complaint. I love Commander in Chief a whole lot. It's, on the whole, a good show. I do have one not so small complaint about the show, however. TOO MUCH SHIT HAPPENS!!! Seriously, they have such a large cast and so many of them just get a little bit here and there. Mostly it's the children who get screwed over in the process. Won't someone think of the children!? Sorry, Helen Lovejoy moment. But really, aside from the little girl, last night the oldest daughter and the son had a whole like five lines together. Plus, there was an entire subplot with the grandmother that just sort of fell flat. I really do think that they need to realize how vital all the subplots are as a whole. I don't think that's why the ratings are down (that's because of the shows they went up against. House and then... umm... Without a Trace or one of the CSI's... or something), but it really is disappointing to see all that potential squashed. What would suck more is to see the show not get picked up for season two, though. It is soon going to be time for the TV stations to announce their upcoming schedules... and while I'm most interested in what is going to happen over at the CW, ABC and FOX are the other two stations that I kind of want to see what is going on. The other two, not so much. I've NEVER been a big CBS watcher, the same with NBC (the only show I watch on NBC is Will and Grace, I never watched Friends or Seinfeld). As long as those annoying crime shows go away, I can be happy.

TV Land is in disarray... and it makes me upset! Muy Triste.