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The long Disneyland post!!!

Yes, I'm back, though I wish I wasn't. I LOVED Disneyland, as I knew I would, but, I don't know, it was really sad to leave the place, because it was really, really cool. Sure, there were things about it I hated, but on the whole, it was the best time I've had in a looooooooooooong time. It's really, really hard to hate on Disneyland, because it gives you almost everything that you could ever want in a place. I want to go back! I want to go back so much!!! And I will... eventually.

Anyway, the first day that we get there we go straight to the hotel, the Sheraton Anaheim, right across the street from the park. The hotel kicked ass, at least the way it looked. It was a castle motif, very beautiful. It was, however, going through renovation, which wasn't all that great. So, they go and say that our room isn't ready (it was around 11:30, and they apparently told us to get there at 11, or something...), and that it would be best to check back in a few hours. So, we decided to go to the Park, because, dammit, I didn't wake up at 3:20 in the morning to wait around when Disneyland is RIGHT there!!! Go to the park, California Adventure. Head straight on over to the muppet show in 3d, because that's where my friend told me to go, and we got there just as it was going to start, which was cool. The show itself was decent. Funny, but not great. I mean, they didn't even have Animal. A muppet show without Animal sucks!!! But Bean was there! And I love Bean! Plus, Sweetums!!! And the old guys, they were always good. Plus, Piggy used her pig-fu, and I love that. After the muppet show, we checked to see if Aladdin was going to be on anytime soon, but it wasn't going to be on until the next day, which was sad. We were hungry, and I was all 'I WANT TO GO EAT AT ARIELS GROTTO!!' Thinking that it would have Calamari... but it didn't. Plus, there was a huge ass line to eat there, so we went to another huge ass line on the wharf and spent 40 dollars on a bowl of clam chowder in a bread bowl (SO GOOD), and two turkey sandwiches, and drinks, and a 7 dollar Tinkerbelle straw, yeah, 7 dollars... guess who wanted that one... after that, we walked to go on the ride... the Golden Zepher. Then, my dad got cold and said he wanted to get more clothes. So my mom and dad left me to my own devices for a few hours while they went to go rest, get the room, and get more clothing. I was fine with this. I really wanted to go on the Sun wheel thing... but the lines looked like it would take at least 45 minutes, so that sucked. I got to go on the swing ride, which, as girltype can attest, are a passion of mine. That was really, really fun. So, after that ride I walked around and looked at California Adventure and all it had to offer, realizing that it didn't have much, so I walked into the Downtown Disney district and looked around that. I found the bookstore, but they didn't have comics, which was horrible, but that's what happens. Then, I went and saw the Disneyland Hotel, but just the outside. Very nice, regardless. I walked back, and saw the monorail which went into Tomorrowland... I'd always wanted to ride the monorail, but was denied. Well, I was denied no longer! I got on the monorail and was content, landing myself in Tomorrowland, in DISNEYLAND!!!! I walked around some more, and was looking at the lines... SO long. Obviously, not as long as they'd be when most people actually went on Spring Break, but still really, really long. It was depressing. However, Star Tours didn't have an extremely long line, so I made sure to get on that ride in a hurry. It was fun, but they said we were going to Endor, and I wanted to see me the Ewoks!!! THERE WAS NO ENDOR!!! Depressed, I left, crushed as the dreams of Wicket died. I continued to wander aimlessly through Disneyland for the first time in many years, many many years... and got on the Mark Twain Riverboat. At that time, my parents arrived as well, as we were leaving, so I went around and thought of my professor, because he loves the Twain and all things that come with it. Reunited with my parents, and possessing a jacket... we went into the Haunted Mansion, which was a lot of fun as well. We all got in the little cart thing together, and while cramped we enjoyed ourselves. When it got dark, I screamed out 'JESUS, SAVE ME!!!' Hoping to get a rise out of any nearby bible beaters. When that was out of the way, we headed on over to Critter Country, because they wanted to see the country bears, but I told them that show had ended in favor of the Winnie the Pooh ride, which I wanted to ride on immensely. Alas, it was broken at that moment, and I was once more denied. We continued to walk around the park... I don't think I went on any other rides that night aside from Mr. Toad, and, around Dinner, we decided that we weren't about to spend another 40 dollars on a piss ass poor amount of food, and we left. When we got back to the hotel, we ate at the restaurant there. I got the Calamari and Shrimp platter. The shrimp was good, but the Calamari was the worst Calamari I've ever had cooked by a professional in my life, and it depressed the hell out of me. Then, we went back to our rooms, and realized that we were much too tired to go back. I watched Gilmore Girls, then watched Sons and Daughters, which is pretty funny. At 9:25... the fireworks started. Nobody told us that there were fireworks. We should have realized it, but we didn't... and they kept on going on and on and on, and at first I didn't know what it was, so I thought it was part of the hotel's renovation, and was not pleased... though, when I found out it was the fireworks, I knew the hotel could not be faulted. Dead tired, I slept like a baby.

The next morning, we woke up and got to the park about 30 minutes after it opened to the general public, waiting for to spend the day in the park. We did. Due to our special costco package, we got to go into Toon Town when the park opened, instead of waiting for an hour like the general public. There was no ride for the Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin, so we got on that in a hurry. That was a lot of fun. Then, we got on Gadget's roller coaster, which was also quite fun. And we went shopping. My mom got a really, really nice shirt that my dad found, and I got some more batteries for the camera. The kind that the digicam is supposedly not supposed to suck the life out of. We got on many more rides together, including Autopia (which sucked) and It's A Small World! There was also this little storybook land thing where they had miniture castles and whatnot, including Agrabah! That was cool, lemme tell you. Mom wanted to go on the Dumbo ride, but the line for the Dumbo ride is ungodly long. We also did some shopping in downtown Disney... AND HAD OUR CHARACTER BREAKFAST!!! Okay... so, we got lost... thinking that we had to go into California Adventure to get into the Paradise pier hotel... but we couldn't do that... so instead we had to walk all the way down to the other side and were about 10 minutes late. We waited, and waited, and then by the time we got inside Stitch was there!! I was happy, but I got food, and Stitch left, and I was sad. I wanted a picture with Stitch, and I was denied. I wept. Not really, but inside, I do for certain. Back to the park for some of the aforementioned rides (they're not in order, so sue me), and other rides like the Matterhorn, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and the Jungle Cruise. Our host guy was so utterly annoying, but my mother, being my mother, walked over and thanked him. Stupid woman. I wanted to throw him into the water, with the fake pirahnas... alas... we went back to the hotel for some eats before the parade of dreams, and got there in time to find a seat at the very end of the route, because that's how we do things in my family. Mother cried, a lot... and then we went to the Disneystore around the corner. Pandemonium... horribly long lines... crowdedness... it was bad. I called up girltype to see what she wanted. Got that information, bought some things, and walked around killing time before the fireworks. We went into the newly revamped Enchanted Tiki Room, which was... well... boring, but whatever. Then, I wanted to go on the little space ship thingies that are exactly like the dumbo ride, but not dumbo, and I figured that I could get on right as the fireworks started. I wasn't exactly on the money, but I got to see some of them from the ride, which was fun. Mother 'couldn't believe that she cried' during the fireworks, which father and I both believed was a load of shit. To her credit, she didn't drink in California Adventure, though, admittedly, we didn't give her much time to drink, so that point might well be moot... I wanted to stay until closing, but instead regulated myself to leaving with the family and going back to bed.

The next morning we had an early entrance into Fantasyland, which meant that we got into the park an hour before the general public. We were there at 7:45, and it was like that one episode of Roseanne where they're all behind the rope waiting to get in, and when they let us in, we ran wild and free!!! Me and dad were the first ones on Peter Pan, which always seemed to be packed for some reason, and then we went on Pinnochio... mom didn't want to come because 'her feet were hurting' too much, that was fine with me. I went on the dumbo ride, just to say I did, and I wanted to go on Alice, but it wasn't open. So, we made the trek over to Tomorrowland, which was also open, and went on Space Mountain. Now, here's a story... when I was like 3 or something, we went to Disneyland. I, apparently two feet three at my birth (seriously, they said I was 27 inches long... I wasn't aware children could be birthed at over 2 feet tall... that's just really, really scary...), was tall enough to get on the ride without much trouble. But I got scared, really scared. Crying the whole time, that kind of scared. When we finished the ride, they screwed up and were about to let us go again. I screamed out 'NO NOT AGAIN!' and we were denied the chance. Many people were mad at me, but I was just happy to get out of the ride. I needed to conquer my fear of Space Mountain, and I did. Better yet, we got to go on it twice again! Karma, I tell you. Karma. Then, we went on a new attraction called Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, it was better than Autopia. Father and I hit up Big Thunder Mountain and Indian Jones before we met up with Mother, checked out of the hotel, went back to the park for one minute to take a picture in front of the 50 anniversary garden, and then went back to Downtown for some final shopping. Then, it was over.

All in all... it was wonderful. I loved it! Pictures shall be uploaded when I return to school. BoA blessed me with wonderful weather, for she knew how much I valued this long promised trip. Thank you, BoA!