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I know the pain of Dial up once more...

And, lemme tell you, it sucks!!! Worse, it's not even as 'good,' and I use that term VERY sarcastically, as it was when I was here in Jan. It cuts out a lot and stuff... I don't know why. It sucks so much. I should really try and talk my parents into looking for a new server, like through their cable company or somesuch... hopefully they'd be able to give me a good modem. Hmm, I should look that up. Of course, it would take 1209343094309 years.

Anyway, I'm home. So girltype, I've got part of today and then Friday and Saturday of next week before I head back, what with the Disneyland on Tuesday-Thursday, and my Nana's surgery tomorrow. Nothing serious, but I want to be there because she's the bestest woman in the whole wide world. I really do want those Love Generation DVDs, because my parents ended up buying one of those portable DVD players so that I wouldn't be as bored on the car rides... which I told them they didn't need to worry about, but they did it anyway. Had I known that, I would have put a few seasons of Gilmore Girls in the car or something! Dammit!!! Still, it's friggen cool.. regardless of the fact that in the first two minutes my father managed to lose the remote...

Today, I might be going over to Best Buy and looking at video cameras with which to buy for the trip. I might, because my father is like 'no, I'll just borrow it from this guy,' but we'll see how that goes. If we do go to best buy, now I will try and swing a TV on dvd season or something... Will and Grace or Golden Girls, I'm leaning more towards Will and Grace, because the second season is so damned hard to find anywhere but Best Buy and Golden Girls is everywhere. But, I might not go at all, so you never know. We're also going to try and hit up the shoe place in the outlets because the harpy wants new 'pretty' shoes for Disneyland, despite the fact that I told her 'you shouldn't bring new shoes to Disneyland, woman!'

In other news: My cousin is going to Chico!!! Sure, I'll only be there for a semester, but I'll be able to show her the ropes and whatnot. I'm sure my Aunt will be a little bit happier knowing that I'll be around for a little while to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. I can try and convince her that the dorms are evil... and to pray that she gets into University Village.

I forgot to Wish Eugene a happy birthday!!! And it was 10 days ago!!!!!!!! I HAVE FAILED YOU, PRECIOUS EUGENE!!! FORGIVE ME!!!