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I skipped class, like I always do on these days, because comics are more important than school. Seriously, they are. Of course, today's haul was TINY. Three books. That's it. Three books. New X=Men blew... they didn't even tell us who died aside from a few people. I wanted to see a long list of the dead, so I would know who was gone and who wasn't. But noooooo. Teen Titans, on the other hand, was good. Very good. Very late, too. But still good. Transformers Infiltration sucked.

But, while I was at the store, I saw a retro Marvel Age Gwen Stacy figure and thought of girltype... so yeah...

Since my 10 AM class was cancelled, and I didn't go to my 11, and my 12 was also cancelled, I technically didn't have school at all today, but since it was comic book day I had to come, and lunch with Kiki and Mary (who can get out of Matt's class at 1, because it is also cancelled), and then GH at home, and then I'm done. I saw my teacher, too. The one for my Shakespeare class... that went better than I could have expected. I told her I didn't do the reading and that's why the writing assignment sucked like hell for the last play, but I did the reading for the play we did the writing assignment for yesterday, and I think I did a lot better on that one. Hopefully. Cross your fingers!