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Things I have realized...

I hate American Idol with every fiber of my being, and wish on all that is holy (IE: BoA) that the show would die, but, when people sing the songs I REALLY like by the artists who I REALLY like, I can't help but want to hear it. So, the big black girl, Mandisa or something (remember, I don't watch, so I'm going on vague memory), sang Never by Heart... thanks to the magic of youtube, I got to see the whole thing. The performance was short, which I hate, because I want the whole fucking song, dammit. Anyway, back to the point. She was damned good. And then they were like 'Carrie Underwood did a Heart song,' so I went 'back the fuck up... Carrie Underwood sang a heart song?' So I looked it up. She sang Alone. It's a ballad, but I'm not sure I love the song as much as I love Never, because I seriously LOVE Never, though it's no 'These Dreams,' by any means. Carrie Underwood sings the HELL out of that song, both on the show, and in this concert clip thingy I'm watching. I already respected Carrie Underwood (funny how I hate AI, but Carrie and Kelly gain my respect, because they have such great voices), but seeing her do justice to such a great song just makes her that much more special to me.

I also used youtube to watch the last four or so episodes of PSGM... now, I'd only seen about the first four, so it was a huge skip for me, but I didn't care. I didn't really understand what was happening, but towards the end I still got all goosebumpy. What I don't get is why people are like 'PSGM MARS KICKS ASS!!!' When... she doesn't. And that's not my hatred of Mars talking, the girl just isn't that special. Thankfully, I managed to avoid a whole lot of 'Sailor Luna,' an idea that chills me to the very core of my being.