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Gilmore Talk Time

I've concluded something: I hate 'the ones.' Seriously, I have expressed my deep hatred for Logan since I've known of him, though he has his moments of being tolerable... especially now that he isn't out corrupting Rory and making her do stupid things, though that could change at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I still hate Logan, but now I'm upset at Luke... for being such a dick to Logan, no less. Is it a bit of a double standard? Yes, it is, but I just realized that Luke is ALWAYS a huge prick towards the people who Rory dates, except for Jess, and even then he wasn't all that accepting about it, saying that he didn't think his own nephew was good enough for her. I realize he loves Rory deeply, yes, but if her own ACTUAL father can be a little nice towards her live in boyfriend, then maybe Luke should take that huge stick up his ass and give it to someone so that they can beat some sense into him.

On the whole, last night's episode was pretty crappy. House was only decent as well... and with Commander being pre-empted until April, it is a sad, sad time for me. Plus, no new Gilmore next week... *le sigh*