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The Golden Globes were good to Set!

Indeed, very good. Very, very good. True, Lauren Graham got snubbed (again), and the DH girls didn't win the award (damn that Mary Louise-Parker) for best female in a comedy tv series... but, other than that. Felicity Huffman won (for her movie, mind you)! Sandra Oh won! Geena Davis won! Only suckage was Lost winning (can we please stop hyping this damned show? Thanks!), and the fact that I highly doubt any of the males on DH will EVER get a male nomination. It's a pity, too, because Doug Savant is a badass.

It was really hard to stay awake, though. I mean, I had been up since 3:30 in the morning so that I could come back here, and the golden globes lasted until 11, so I was basically up for 17 and a half hours straight. Then, I slept really good. That part was great. Till Jason had people come at 12:30 and they knocked at my door. I ignored them, partly because I was a little too out of it. Way too out of it to deal with people.

Aww, Matt Lanter's character just got shot through the heart with an arrow. Poor Matt Lanter.