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The Final Count!

Unless I go and buy something else (unexpected, since the only thing I want is Will and Grace season 2, which they don't apparently carry at Target or Wal-Mart), I have gotten my final DVD for the winter break 2005/2006 period: The muppet show: season 1. Why did I get the muppet show? Because I LOVE Animal. And I adore the muppets. Granted, Rizzo didn't come till later, and I also have much love in my heart for Rizzo, but still. So, aside from Will and Grace 2-4, and, to a lesser extent, Gargoyles season 2 part 1 (which I saw at Wal-Mart, but didn't pick up), I've got every single TV on DVD set that I really want and need. Until Living Single Season 1 comes out. Which is the same day as Golden Girls season 4.

I also found out why MTV hasn't put out much of Daria on DVD... because of the music that they use. They use a LOT of music, and that takes up plenty of music fees, which would make the sets pretty damned expensive, and since each season of Daria is only 13 episodes, people probably aren't going to pay 50 dollars for 13 episodes (that's a lie, because they pay 100 dollars for as many episodes, even less, of shows like Queer as Folk. Seriously.). I would gladly pay such money myself. That's why American Dreams (may it rest in peace, even if I only watched half of the first season) is expensive for the 'extended music edition.'

Anywho, I should be packing soon. I will pack soon, too. I have to pack plenty of things. Like my CDs, my PS2, my wires, and my computer crap. Okay, so that's all I have to pack (my mom packs the clothes. She's a good harpy like that), but still. I should watch a few more episodes of Point Pleasant while I wait to start packing everything else up. My grandmother won't be around till about 7:30, and I need to be home in time for Desperate Housewives (Bree needs me). It's all about time management. Speaking of the harpy, she's been hammered since about noon. Yay for her. Bitch.