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I shall miss you, Nana Mary!

Shelley Winters, known to plenty of old people for her roles in random movies, like the Great Gatsby, died today. I, and most like me, remember her most as Nana Mary on Roseanne. I loved her as Nana Mary, I did. I shall miss the woman, though, truthfully, I haven't given a damn about her after her role as Nana Mary came to a close. That doesn't mean I wanted her dead, of course.

In other, somewhat related news: my grandmother, who I call Nana (though it's more like Naw Naw, less like Nah Nah), a huge Jehova's Witness (who loves her damned near aethist grandson more than anyone else in the world... because I'm special like that), admitted yesterday that she loves watching Roseanne. Think about that for a second, would you? Jehova's Witness. Loves Roseanne. They really don't fit together.

In othet other completely unrelated news: I'M LEAVING ON MONDAY!!! NO MORE BEING STUCK HERE IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL!!! Sadly, I only got to spend one day with girltype because she works all the damned time and doesn't love me no mo', and we didn't get to see Geisha like we were supposed to... but at the same time, she be dealing with shit, and I respect that.

Did I mention that I got my 10 box sets? 11, even. I might get 12, if I get the Muppet show season 1... debating it, I am.