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1: Graduating from college: By this time next year I'll be done with school. At least my undergraduate education. I have NO desire to even bother going to graduate school, because A) you have to take standardized tests that are like the SATs, and I hate standardized tests very much. Plus, grad school students need to get at least a 3.0 in order to stay in the program, and I've gotten a 3.0 three times in my entire college career. I'm not a bad student, by any means, I'm just not motivated. This doesn't really excite me all that much, either. It scares the holy hell out of me. I like college. In fact, I love it. But I'm tired of school... I just don't know if I'm ready to be in the real world. Not to mention the fact that my chosen profession of being a writer is, at best, a pipe dream, since I'm not that good and there are plenty of people who are better than me who can't even get a job doing their thing... so, basically, I'm damn near screwed. Maybe this doesn't excite me all that much... now I'm even more afraid...

2: Submitting stuff: I did my first submission for a literary contest last year. Yes, I got my ass rejected, as you know, but that was just the first step. Now that I've done it, I honestly feel that I'm not all that afraid of being rejected anymore. It opened my eyes. Plus, I think I can give the people better stuff than I have before... so maybe, just maybe, I can get my shit published for once. Not banking on it, but, you know, it's out there.

3: General Hospital: Yes, the show has been crappy as of this year, though it has only been on for a week, and I know it will get better. But, come on, this is still my soap, these are still my characters, and I still love Dillon dearly. Maybe this year will be the year that he actually gets some material that is worth the time of day. I doubt it, but you never know. There is so much potential, and the hints that I've seen for sweeps next month look SO good... one death may indeed have a great impact on Dillon. I'd play it up... but that's probably why it won't happen.

4: Desperate Housewives: Let's face it, even if the show isn't half as entertaining as it was last year, the show is still DAMNED good. Unlike GH, I have no doubt that there will be plenty of shit that will keep me interested. Bree's gonna start battling the bottle, and that may well make me appreciate things more than ever before. Plus, there's always Felicity Huffman. And who doesn't love Felicity Huffman?

5: Gilmore Girls: I've complained about the way that the show ended last year, and I still have those complaints. I fear the way that this new change in the status quo may well impact the show, but I have faith in Gilmore Girls, more than I probably should, more than I would have in just about any other show. This show has the power to make it through everything and anything that may come across it. Lauren Graham alone makes this show must see tv.

6: Infinite Crisis: I'm 23, so, when Crisis of Infinite Earths came around, I was two years old... well, one and a half, really... I didn't understand anything about it, nor did I care. Hell, even when I started reading comics, Crisis meant nothing to me, and when I started reading DC more than just a few things, it still wasn't that important. Then I realized what it was, and I fell in love with it. Infinite Crisis has been pretty lax in the 'wow' factor since the first issue, since nobody has died (and, lets face it, I want death), but the book is still damned good. I want to see what happens. I want to see the plots develop... I want to see it lead into...

7: One Year Later: The things that can happen here... so many possibilities. Most of them I don't care about. The bat books should all burn in hell, sans Birds of Prey, which shouldn't even be a bat book, since it is decent and doesn't suck, like Batman... and, to a lesser excent Catwoman, since Selina has always held a special place in my heart. I'm looking forward to this, maybe even a little bit more than the Infinite Crisis event itself.

8: Decimation: I really only give a damn about this because I want to see who that damned third Summer's brother is. He'll suck, just like all the other people, but hell, it matters to me. Plus, I want to see who is causing all the trauma. They may well be one in the same. You never know. On the whole, though, Marvel comics sucks.

9: X3: Marvel comics might suck, but they've pretty much been crap for a long time... and yet, knowing that, I want X3 badly. The only movie that I will make it a point of actually going out and seeing (with girltype no less), although there are a few movies that I want to see otherwise, none of them have that oomph. I'm a fanboy, I know... leave me alone!

10: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: I'm not going to lie, of all the things that matter in 2006, this is probably the most important thing that will ever happen. Zelda always has and always will have a special place in my heart. If I could only have one game this year, it would be this game. Thankfully, I have a way of getting what I want, and, when it comes to Zelda, my parents know better than to even dare try and deny me my goods. I have them wrapped around my finger like that.

11: Kingdom Hearts II: I knew it was going to be something special. People were scoffing about KH before it came out... but I knew that it would be great. I love Disney. I love Final Fantasy. Mix them together, take away Lance Bass, add Steve Burton (who I didn't yet worship), and you've got magic. The return of Winnie the Pooh alone is wonderful. There's plenty of other shit, though. This game is probably going to be my PSII game of the year. People have already seen the opening video. Damn them.

12: Daytime Emmy's, 2006: I watch one soap on a regular basis, and still, the emmy's are special to me. Scott might not get the overall nomination (given the material, I doubt he will), and, even if he does get it, there is a snowball's chance in hell that he'll actually WIN the damned thing... but there's more than that. I have Nancy. I have Becky. I have Rick. I want my people to win, because the performances that they gave in 2005... just blew me away. If Ignaccio wins, though, there will be hell to pay.

13: Primetime Emmy's, 2006: I'm an awards whore... and now with DH in full force, I've got even more reason be such a person. Marica, Eva, Felicity, and even Teri to a lesser extent. Plus, there's the people on House, and some of the people on Grey's Anatomy. I love seeing the people that I think should win, win. But, if Lauren Graham ACTUALLY gets her emmy nomination... I don't know what I'll do. I'll be torn. I'll probably go for Lauren, she deserves it more.

14: Espera: If you don't know what this is, frankly, you don't need to know. I'm excited about it, though... very excited.

15: Hellbound: I'll be honest, it's been crap for the passed two and a half months, because nobody else does anything but me. But, since I don't need other people in order to tell a good story, I'm not all that worried. This is going to be my last year, but the stories I have for the end of my career there... I look forward to them.

16: House: I love House. Even when the stories don't interest me, and they often don't, Hugh Laurie AS House never fails to entertain me on every level. I still haven't even watched the DVD of season 1 yet... I need to start doing that.

17: Commander-In-Chief: I might not be able to watch all of this as much as I would like... since it's on at the same time as House, but, when I can watch, I like. Geena Davis and Ever Carradine are great.

18: Reunion: I'm sad this show is going... but I can't wait to see everything that happens. Yes, it's going to end on a note that makes me very angry, but still...

19: Reba: Watching season 2 reminded me of just how funny this show CAN be. People think that it's stupid comedy, and I don't disagree with the assumption. The show is pretty low-brow comedy, but it's funny. Plus, it has dramatic moments. The things that they set up before the break last year, with Van and Cheyanne, they're keeping me interested.

20: Living Single On DVD: One of the best shows of my life... I love this show SO much, and it took so much time for the show to actually get on dvd. I might take a little while to actually get it, but, mark my words, it will be gotten.

21: BoA: Monday is her anniversary. Six years and running... may her career never end! Everlasting just came out. I love that song. It's a ballad. In Japanese. With a video. Her 4th true Japanese album should fall by the end of the year, and, while it might take her until 2007 for her next SM album, the Korean variety, to come our way... I don't doubt that it will be great. Anything that BoA touches turns to gold. Except the Do the Motion video... what the hell is up with that?

22: Fly to the Sky: Transition: It comes out at the end of the month, and is their first post SM video. I'll miss them being with the rest of the people at SM... but I have plenty of faith in Brian. His birthday is on Tuesday! Wish Brian a Happy birthday on Tuesday!!!

23: The Opus: Yes, I haven't worked on the Opus in about a month, and I told myself that I would work on it over break. I'm bad, I know. But I WANT to work on it again, I want to finish it. I figure that I will not post any of the story until it is finished, the whole story. I don't know how long that will take. I figure another two hundred pages or so. I had to cut out a lot of things, and I'll end on an entirely different note than I did before, but this time I can be happy with the ending because it will feel final.

There's probably plenty of things that I missed... but those are the things that immediately come to mind. They're all related to pop culture or some extremely life changing event in my life, or my interests as a writer, so don't be like 'YOU DIDN'T MENTION ME!' People don't get mentioned, unless they're BoA... but BoA isn't really a person, she's the messiah.