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The Promised Album Review!

As I sit here and listen to the album for the fourth time in the span of two days with nothing else to do but avoid my mother watching that stupid CBS special with Ben Stiller and Britney Spears after making me stop watching Dynasty (DYNASTY!) so she could watch Frosty the Snowman Returns for what is probably the bazillioneth time because she has nothing better to do and she has problems that most people would not even be able to begin to decipher. She's not a complex person, mind you, it's just that her idiocy is baffling...

ANYWAY. The point, the view: so, yeah...

Take this review with a grain of salt, good people. I love Scott Clifton more than I love just about any other male, and certainly any other male famous in America, or predominately in America. Hell, Scott and Brian Joo are probably battling it out for supreme love, and, honestly, I'd probably choose Scott right now because Brian's hair harms me and he left SM and he still chooses to be with Fany. Blech on Fany. Sorry, tanget. Anyway, yeah, my review isn't meant to be the be all end all of anything, it's just that: my review. My opinion. Agree with it, disagree with it, whatever you want... just note that it's mine.

That said... I am very impressed with this album. I mean really, really impressed. Scott's talent amazes me on a frequent basis, but, as you know by the last album review, his musical abilities left me yearning for more. I can safely state that any yearning that I got was quelled with this album. There is no Sophomore slump with Unbeautiful. It takes everything that made Untitled a decent album and it expands on it. There are more songs, instead of four songs, an accoustic version of one of them, and a rehersal for one. No, all these songs are complete and original, except for Seen, which was the studio rehersal from the last CD, but the final version is very different, so it's almost a completely different song. As you may know, Scott's vocal abilities aren't exactly the best thing ever, but they're certainly not horrible, and they have improved a lot since his last final. When he says the word 'see' in Seen I literally found myself going 'did he really do that?' It was a vocal performance that I was awestruck by, and that rarely happens, especially with English music. My father believes that he is trying to emulate Kenny Loggins, and, the second song for the album, Bitter, obviously has Scott channeling his inner John Popper from... crap, I can't even remember their name. Ah, Blue's Traveller. He sings with the speed that made Runaway a hit, and he does it quite well. That was also quite impressive, but it paled when compared to Seen. My favorite song on the album, however, is Deep. Deep is a ballad-type song, much like Love Song was in the last song, and, of course, I, being the ballad boy that I am, find myself drawn towards the song the most. The lyrics in all of his songs are wonderful, as they almost always are, but Deep has something that the other songs do not have: the viola. It is a beautiful sounding song that helps Scott's vocals, or Scott's vocals help the song, one of the two. Linger is another wonderful song, with superb music aided by the musical abilities of the singer.

With all this praise you might be asking yourself if there is anything that I found wrong with the album. Well, I cannot say that it was perfect, but it was pretty damned close. Okay, not that close. Still, I want to give him props for an excellent album and overall effort. One of the problems that I have is the same problem I had with the last album: there aren't enough damned songs on the thing! I understand why that is. Scott is a busy, busy individual, with public appearances and GH working him when they actually drag him out to give him something trite that doesn't showcase his abilities. But, a six song album isn't really an album, as he calls it in the hidden 7th track, which isn't a track, so I don't count it. It's more of a mini-album, or a really big single. Still, it would be a wonderful mini-album or big single, but a full album? No, it is not a full album. With the 21 dollar price tag, it certainly isn't really 'worth' it, unless you're like me and a die hard Scott fan (four bucks were for the personalized autograph, so shave that off if you don't want it), others will find themselves going 'I just got burned.' Another problem I have is with the lyric sheet. The first album didn't have one, so the fact that the second album did is a great improvement. However, there are a lot of errors in the lyric sheet. In fact, each song has at least one error in it at one point or the other. A small error, but one that cannot be ignored. My final complaint is that the title track, unbeautiful, is likely the weakest track on the album. I understand why he did it, because he wanted to keep the 'un' prefix, but it would have been better to have the title track be one of the other songs. I would suggest Deep, but that's just me.

Overall, the sophomore attempt at an album by Scott Clifton is vastly superior to his initial attempts. I await the next effort, which I will snatch up just as quickly. Though maybe this time I won't spring the 4 bucks for the autograph. Can't even spell my name, dammit!

Album Grade: B+ (two mark improvement)


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Dec. 20th, 2005 12:29 am (UTC)
hey rudy
i made a new lj since i dont remember my old password! I also realized i dont know my old yahoo addy to get the password! Someone messed up my yahoo e-mail 2 years ago!
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