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Bloody friggen 'ell!

I was just looking up the prices to stay at the hotels AT Disneyland. They be expensive. Like, 250 bucks for the standard price... a night. THE HELL!? I wanted so much to stay at one of those when we went (assuming we do go, I don't think we will, because my parents are evil and like to tell me that I'll get to go places and then snatch my hopes away. And people wonder why I'm the way I am...), but, even I know that it's probably a little too much to assume we can stay there. I mean, we've never been on a family vacation ever since I was like 10, and even then it was camping, so that doesn't really count. And you'd think that they would actually care about the fact that I'm basically one of the only children in California who has only been to Disneyland one fucking time in his entire life... okay, yeah, there's plenty more, but we're talking realistically here. Honestly, people always talk about how they go once a year, once every two years... me? One time, when I was 7... that's it. I can barely remember going there. It's painful, the pain! THE PAIN! There are pictures of my trip at disneyland, my grandmother has them, which is why I haven't burned them, since my grandmother is allowed to have pictures of me, and allowed to take pictures of me without any argument, because my grandmother owns all and I respect her more than anyone else. So, aside from those little moments, I'm basically shit out of luck with the disneyland memories. I could have gone when I was 13 with some cousins, but decided against it... they stayed at the hotel, though... so I could be kicking myself in the ass. And I could have gone with my class for the graduation celebration. But, that was my class, and there was no way in hell I was gonna do that. They didn't stay at the hotel, either. They stayed at some piece of shit place... or did they stay at the hotel? I can't remember. Don't really give a damn, either.

In other news: Jenn has told me that I am her god. She will use me as the template for how she reacts to life the rest of the semester because she got torn apart when she was doing a story for fiction class, or so she says, that's why she didn't come to lunch with me and Kiki, and she was like 'I need to be more like you, because you just wouldn't give a shit.' Jenn speaks true. I don't give a shit. Actually, today, Matt, one of my professors, my favorite one, was like 'you're always in a griping mood...' and he asked me why because he said when I smiled I didn't look like I was in one. I told him I was an enigma, and that was that... Rebecca agrees with Matt. I'm not going to my class tomorrow. I'm giving myself another day off, three weeks after my first... or two. Hell, it might have been two. But, you know what? I don't care. I've gotten 'A's on both the papers, and turned in all the responses but the one that will be due tomorrow, which I don't want. So, I'm not in danger of dropping my grade that much, if anything I'll have to settle for a 'B,' and while I did think it possible that I could earn straight A's for the first time ever, I'm okay with not getting such a feat attributed to my person. The class doesn't matter, and even if it did it was probably just for my major, when my minor is what is important to me.

In other other news: I'm broke. No, seriously, I'm broke. BEYOND broke, really. 11 dollars in the hole That's never happened before. Actually, it might have before, but certainly not in my immediate memory, I don't think it has. I blame my parents. Why? Because they were supposed to put money in on Sunday, then Monday, then yesterday, and then my harpy mother was like 'I'll put some in when I finish work.' Did she? No. Fucking harpy. It's her own damned fault, her stupid birthday coming up and making me buy her another present that she doesn't deserve. Honestly, she got to say that she would take away my presents from me when I was a kid, why can't I do the same now? As The Legend Of Billie Jean tells us: fair is fair. Anyway, yeah, broke, being broke sucks. Comics were purchased with my credit card, which I will pay for myself, although it is their fault.

Off to potty!


    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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