Set (setsuna16) wrote,

So, I had this HORRIBLE dream...

It was so bad. Yesterday, I dreamt that when I went to check my e-mail before my class at 9, like I'm checking my e-mail and updating my journal right now before my class at 9:30, there was this headline, because I have yahoo mail and I always go to the main yahoo page and look at the headlines. So, the headline said 'Joan Collins dies at age (whatever her age is)' and I just lost it. I went to my next class in the dream bawling my eyes out because my beloved Joan Collins was dead. HORRID dream. Thankfully, my beloved grand dame of bitchdom is alive and well. Let us knock on wood for the safety of Joan Collins!


    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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