Set (setsuna16) wrote,

Conquests and Happies And Sadies!

First, the conquest: I just beat Fire Emblem. It pleased me. I will play through it again eventually, although I don't know when. It was cool. I wanted Ike and Elicia to hook up, I think there was a chance that they could have if I would have gotten her support high enough with Ike, but I didn't know that people only had so many support conversations before they couldn't do it anymore, so that sort of worked against me. But nonetheless, excellent game, lots of fun, a bit annoying at times, especially during that one fight where Reyson has to talk with the raven king because that scenerio is friggen impossible... but aside from that everything else was damned good.

Second: the happies. Gilmore Girls may well be a rerun tonight, which is not a happy, but what IS a happy is that they just started rerunning Season 5 on ABC fam, and I don't know all of season 5, because I didn't start watching GG until the middle of season 5 and I didn't want to start watching the new episodes since I didn't know much about the show. But now I can see the season 5 episodes that I missed, even if Gilmore Girls is a rerun, for me, I get new episodes every weekday for at least two weeks!!! That pleases me ever so much. And then when new episodes of Gilmore Girls start on the WB, Jess will return. It is good to be a Set Gilmore Fan.

And, the sadies... I don't even remember the sadies. OH, yes, I remember now. I watched AMC for Kiki like I always do, and they updated the intro. This is generally a good thing, because I love when the soap intros are updated... but... they took away Maria!!! MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My precious Maria is taken from me, so I can't even watch and just see her beautiful face every Tuesday and Thursday. This blow crushes me. Her sister, on the show, took her place. It was meh. I Wiki'd her... she was married to John O'Hurley, which made my respect for her dwindle considerably.

In other news: Living Single will FINALLY be put on DVD on Valentine's day. LIVING SINGLE!!! Love that show, so much, and always wanted to see it on DVD, but nobody ever put it on DVD and that made me sad, but now it is, so celebrate. Still no news on Dynasty season 2, though. Which bites, since I love Dynasty more than Living Single, and love Joan Collins more than Queen Latifah. But to compare just about anyone with Joan Collins is quite the honor.

In other other news: HOUSE COMES BACK! Commander-in-Chief must be missed, and they've started reruning DH instead of Commander on Saturday, which makes me sad, but I will deal. Because TV on DVD is a wonderful thing.

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