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NOW I remember

On my board in my room I have something like Lucy has with the doctor is 'in/out' depending on if she's at her stand, so I have on my message board 'the guru is in/out,' and then below that I have 'messages for the guru' and sometimes Aidan, Matt and Ben write questions for me to answer, so yesterday it was something that had to do with crabs. I got it. They wrote another one last night, and it was 'what's at the end of the rainbow.' The obvious answer would be 'a pot of gold' right? But no, I go 'muppets who sing about the rainbow connection.' Because, dammit, I'm the guru of pop culture and I should know these things. I love that movie. I need to see it again. I seriously want to buy all the muppet things on dvd.

I was HALF inclined to write that the entryway to the world where Glomer resided before he met Punky Brewster was at the end of the rainbow, but nobody would get that. I don't even think that most of you here know about the Punky Brewster animated series... but, again, I'm expected to know these things.


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