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Mock article time!

Ryan Merriman shall no longer be portrayed as Riley Thorne. The role was originated by Merriman in Late September 2004, his exit was determined by the storyline that his character was involved in.

From the writer: 'I knew when I made Riley that I wanted to give him a clear beginning, middle and end to his storyline. It wasn't that I didn't love the character any less than I love the other characters who I still write for, I just wanted there to be an end for one of them, and that person just happened to be Riley. I'm very proud of the way that the character turned out, as he proved that a character can stand alone without the need for a romantic interest so long as he or she is involved in a storyline that is strong enough to keep the character grounded, and Riley had that from the beginning, aided incredibly by his supporting cast. In a story there must be change, and progress, and Riley as a character ran his course, choosing to make a great sacrifice in order to prevent something horrible from happening in the future. It was a very poignant way to end the character, to have him realize everything that he had wondered about since he entered the canvas nearly a year ago, only to realize that the information was horrible and that he had to take matters into his own hands.'

As Riley was a highly self-contained character, it is unlikely that the other characters will be impacted by his untimely demise, but, for those who saw him grow up, face tragedy and triumph, there's bound to be a small part of them that feels hollow.