Set (setsuna16) wrote,

Is it wrong?

To have the undying urge to smack your mother, throttle her... feel your hands around her throat? Well... maybe, but I still do. I spent 15 minutes trying to do some stupid ass thing for her on the computer, because she couldn't pay the fucking credit card bill on time... so, I spend ALL that time (plus a good 20 minutes last night, and she woke me up 30 minutes early...) trying to get into this fucking account... and it doesn't work, because she doesn't remember her password or some shit that she put when she started the account, and it said that I needed to enter it, and then I tried to enter nothing, and it didn't work...

So, now she's mad at ME because I can't fix her fuck up...

Stupid Bitch.


    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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