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Grrr I have another semi-paper due in addition to the other one, dammit! Anyways, I go o the library to look up stuff for the first one and I get help from this guy who can't talk very well, but he means well thankfully, so I kinda know what I'm gonna do but I don't really want to do it since I'm getting my she-ra tapes tomorrow and I WILL WATCH THEM OVER THE WEEKEND, THIS WEEKEND WILL BE DEVOTED *and I stress DEVOTED* TO SHE-RA, which means I gotta work on all of it tonight or monday or tomorrow before the mail comes. I need money too, I'm supposedly going to get this job where I'm gonna work for like 6 hours a week or something, thats only like 125 a month with taxes and whatnot, I SPEND THAT MUCH ON COMIC BOOKS ALONE A MONTH! Dammit this sucks, I'm almost all tapped out with my other funds and I don't really want to hit up my grandfather because doing that would require takling to him, but I have she-ra now so I can die happy, stupid paper...


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