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Shameless attempt to update

Yes I know, I don't update this page more then I should, again it's not MY fault that nothing interesting happens in my life that would warrant an update. So I've decided to fill it up with pointless mandering about what I like and what not. I will now talk about my favorite television shows *again, the simpsons is not included nor are any other animated programs, they must be live action* and they won't really be ranked, I don't have time to rank them, but whatever.

Living Single- A great show about African American females and featuring the very VERY sexy Queen Latifah *I can HEAR you people laughing, so shut the fuck up*. This show had comedy written all over it, a pity it was cancelled yet the very dull "between brothers" lasted, althought it only lasted for like another season at most, god damn that show sucked. Anyways, reruns of this show are watched with great joy, and I will love this show so very very much till I die.

Melrose Place- Of the fox drama juggernauts *the other being 90210* this is my favorite, it was more adult and dealt with much more then the kiddie crap on 90210. Plus it had sexy ladies, very very sexy ladies... NEXT

Batman- Yes, it was campy and yes people frown upon it now but it's the only version of the "Dark" Knight *although he certainly wasn't dark in this version* that I enjoyed. Julie Newmar can wear that cat suit around me any time...

Married With Children- One of the most respected comedies ever, even though the critics HATED it. Last I checked it was like the longest running comedy ever before it was cancelled *if memory serves correct it lasted 12 seasons*. Funny ass shit happened in this show, and the reruns still pack a punch. I just saw the episode where Marcy and Steve wanted to build an extra room, was funny.

Roseanne- Please, like I would make a list of great comedy shows without this one... foolish people. Roseanne... what can't be said about this show other then people who didn't like the last season should be shot. I loooooooooved the last season so very much.

Home Improvement- Why am I putting it here I really have no clue, as it had JTT who is an evil evil person. But aside from that it had it's great moments and is deservant of syndication.

Who's The Boss- Mona kicks more ass then any old person I have ever met, she made this show so great and will always entertain.

GOLDEN GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! Old women talking about sex and what not, what's not to like, hands down, this show kicks ass.

Honorable Mention: Dynasty- As I have been told by someone I am very much into this show, which I haven't seen in at least 12 years, but still the theme song kicks ass and I will go to that mansion, it's only two hours from the house...



    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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