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Hey Ya'll just me venting again, its so much fun. Anyways I was taking the garbage out and as I was going through it to see what was Recyclable and what wasn't I see like 5 beer cans in the freaking Garbage. Beer is a no-no on campus but does roomie boy care?!?! No of course not, as long as he's having fun then thats all that matters right? Idiot. He's cool and everything but damn he can be stupid. My finger hurts a lot right now... Read MJ's LJ... hey LJ = Latoya Jackson *shiver*. Poor Michael having to deal with THAT, and janet too. Speaking of him last night on Sanctum * GO GET IT NOW!!!!* Me and some other guy, whom out of respect I shall keep nameless were talking about how Michaels supposedly broke and hasn't been able to pay his staff for over 6 months and how if this new album doesn't sell buttloads he's gonna be broke. Hmmmm this worrys me, he also said that according to the industry "you rock my world" was the only song that was worth releasing as a single on the entire album. Screw that Michael we love you and we WILL buy your album, besides you've got enough fans all around the world that will balance out what happens here. Me and many other people support Michaels music and stuff. I'm done for now but safe that 20 bucks for Invincable dammit!


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