April 15th, 2011

Pluto close up

Notifs are DISABLED

Consider that I just got about 450 e-mails because apparently something got hacked or whatever in LJ, I'm disabling notifs until further notice. I don't know what's going on, but I hope that they fix it soon.

Funny, I WANTED to get e-mails before. But I wanted to get e-mails with substance, not e-mails that are just hacked bullshit. Does anyone have any information on what's going on here? I realize that this is kind of stupid to ask, since I won't get the notif that, hey, someone responded, but I can check my entries at any time, so that shouldn't be that hard.

EDIT: I think I went friends only. We'll see if that helped.

And now, for my opinion...

I am going to miss AMC and One Life SO MUCH. GH is my first soap, but One Life has been the show that I enjoy watching way more. In fact, in 2009 and 2010, I don't think there was a show, soap or not, that I loved watching more than One Life To Live.

One thing to note is that One Life is where I learned to love. I was in love with Tina Lord when I was like 3. She's pretty much the main reason why I have such a fixation on redheads that I do. I may love Scott Clifton, Laura Wright, Colin Egglesfield and Susan Lucci more overall, but Andrea Evans will FOREVER hold a special place in my heart.

AMC I haven't watched in over a year, really. The last time I REALLY watched was back when Stewart got killed and the immediate fallout after that, but aside from David Canary's exit, and Palmer's death episodes, I haven't seen it. They lost me when they killed Josh, they really did (but I can see him in Something Borrowed! Woohoo!).

Still, when I think of the fact that Susan Lucci and Erica Elezak have been on their respective shows for the ENTIRETY of my life, it really makes you go 'wow, we're losing something special here.'

Shame on everyone responsible for allowing this travesty to happen to happen. Soaps will remain forever viable. They're a window into a world that we can escape to, where we learn to love what happens to people.