October 14th, 2010

Pluto close up

Is this what heartbreak feels like?

Today, at work, I went onto my LJ during lunch and checked my gossip websites, as I am prone to do. Omona being one of them.

An article on BoA? EXCELLENT. Reading, happy times. She said she would have liked to have been reborn as a member of Girls' Gen and talked about how hard it was for her to do everything by herself when she was only 13.

Then she talked about her interests, what she does during her rare off time. She likes to watch movies.



Seriously, I've been in a funk the entire rest of the day. My beloved BoA, she who has basically been my WORLD for ALMOST 8 years, has admitted to doing one of the things that I oppose more than almost anything else. Seriously, I would have taken it better if they said she was a lesbian (there are rumors floating about that she is, and not that there's anything wrong with that, it does deflate the whole 'SHE WILL BE MINE' if she loves her some girls), but... drinking? WHYYYYY?!?!

Now my love is SEVERELY compromised. I... just don't know how to feel.

It's a bad day.