September 26th, 2010

Pluto close up

San Fran Adventure! Broken cameras, shaky floors and milk candy!

I went to San Fran with the crew yesterday! I got up super early (6 AM ON A SATURDAY!!!) because I figured I could make it to Vanessa's house early and get some songs put on my mp3 player. Sadly, the car is broken, again, so that didn't happen. I got picked up and we headed off to the caltrain station.

Apparently, Stanford was having a scavenger hunt this weekend, so the train was PACKED! And there was this blond guy who may or may not have been a Stanford student. He was very annoying. He didn't talk to us, thankfully.

We got in San Fran and we went to the mall and met up with Carlos. As we were leaving the mall the door's handle slammed into my pocket, which broke my camera's LCD screen. I've wanted to get a new camera for some time, but I didn't want to HAVE to get a new camera at least until I had paid off some more of my credit card bill over at Best Buy, but now I HAVE to go and buy one. Sigh.

One of the reasons that I wanted to go to San Fran is for Chinese food. Chinese food in China Town. Can't go wrong, right? WRONG! You can go wrong, because we stopped at this place that had lousy food and made me very sad. It was right next to a bakery, where I bought milk candy. Apparently, I'm the only person who likes it.

The real reason that we went to San Fran was because Vanessa had an appointment to get a tattoo done. So we walked over to the place where her tattoo shop was and then ran into some park with an Italian festival. Very random. Then, after Vanessa started to get her tattoo, we headed over to the mall.

The mall in San Fran is 4 or 5 stories. And the floors shake. VERY uncomfortable. We waited for Vanessa to come back, ate some food, and went back to the train station, where we went home.

We walked a LOT! I think we walked at LEAST five miles, which I'm fine with since I love to walk, but Chinatown = uphill/downhill, and that I do not like.