August 8th, 2010

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Oh my...

So, my mom is hung over. She's been hung over since Saturday, and she's still puking and shit. Which means that me and my dad went out and got some food. Chinese. They had a sugar pourer there, which makes me happy because I HATE places that only give you packets, since I use a shit ton of sugar in my tea, so I would like to not worry about stealing sugar from the other empty tables (I've done it before, and will continue to do so!).

We also go to get the person who is fixing our car some shit. This person is located right across the street from the cemetery where my paternal grandfather is buried. I haven't gone to that place since I was like 15-ish, so I was like 'I want to go.'

Spent 30 minutes looking for his grave. Never found it. I feel like such a bad grandson. I mean, really, I can't find my own grandfather's grave? It sucked. My dad found it in TWO seconds. Now I know how to find it, though.

Then we went to get more parts for the car and I saw a coworker who also works at the Kragen here. Poor guy has TWO jobs. My mind was blown. Equally mind fucking? A girl I graduated with in high school has brain cancer. Didn't know until today when I saw the donation jar.

It was just a really... wow... day...