August 5th, 2010

Pluto close up

Music, music, music!

So, today is the day that Hurricane Venus dropped. Or was it yesterday. Technically it's Korea, so it kind of was yesterday and today. Since I'm adamant about BUYING my CDs (music videos I download, because, hello, I don't have access to them!), I can't get mine until delivers it to my door, and that apparently won't be until late August. It sucks, I don't like it. Yesasia has really, really started to fail. Only I can't think of anyplace else except for amazon and they'll charge like 60 bucks for a Korean albu, that I spend 20 at Yesasia on. Contrary to popular reports, I DO tend to go for cheap if I can do it!

And then I looked on wikipedia today and found that SM town is releasing a summer album! A FULL SM TOWN ALBUM!!! Most of you people don't know how much I love SM Town albums. They are seriously like my life's blood. I'm not even kidding. SM Town albums are just so happy and bubbly and fun. Unless they're Dear My Family or Only Love, then they're touching and wonderful and seriously make me CRY!!!! I wish America did what SM Entertainment does, just get all the people under their banner together and do a song. It's just so amazing to see BoA hobnobbing with people, even lesser people like Fatty. I don't care, its like cross-over madness.

While I'm waiting for the Hurricane Venus video to premiere (don't know when that's going to happen, though. I just know it is...), I'm looking around for other videos and lo and behold there's a new Yuna Ito video! I love Yuna Ito. She is second ONLY to BoA in terms of my Asian women love. Oh Yuna, you so fine and gorgeous and I can't wait to watch this video! It's a cover of Aerosmith... don't know how I feel about that, but Yuna is Yuna and Yuna is love!

I quite literally LIVE for the end of the day now. When I come home and can just do what I want to do for a few hours.