July 31st, 2010

Pluto close up


My tickets came in the mail yesterday! My mom almost lost them because she was like "I can't find the mail from yesterday!" But she found them. Good thing, too, because if she would have lost the TICKETS I would have KILLED her, and I wouldn't have thought about it because they're supposed to come 10-14 days after I ordered them, not 6.

I'd take a picture, but I don't have my camera. I left it at work. Monday a picture shall come. Oh yes, a picture shall come.

Today is a Disney movie marathon day. Right now it's Hercules (I WON'T SAY I'M IN LOVE PART!!! MY FAVORITE PART!). Before that it was the Princess and the Frog. I think after it'll be Lilo & Stitch.