July 17th, 2010

Pluto close up

Lazy Saturday

I haven't done anything today. Haven't left the house. I've been preoccupying myself with Dragon Age Origins playing (beat the game a second time, this time with my City Elf. I think I'll do human noble and be crowned king next... all this before I've really put ANY effort into playing Awakenings, mind you... not to mention the dozen other video games that I have but haven't played at all) and Gilmore Girls watching (season 2! So good! Emily Gilmore is bad ass...), with a little bit of popconfidential.com podcast listening (they're still inferior to the daytimeconfidential podcasts)... and as I say this, the orbitz commercial with Sonya Eddy comes on. LOVE YOU, PIPHANY!!! YOU MAH GURL!

I don't really anticipate doing anything tomorrow, either. Obviously, there's laundry, which is a given because it's Sunday and I need to do laundry. But that's my life. A really sad life, mind you. So sad, so uneventful, that I've actually taken to writing in my Livejournal. Amazing, isn't it?

An aside: CHIBI PLUTO ICON IS UBER-KAWAII!!!!! I love my old default, too, but damn my beloved Setsuna looks so cute. I want to pinch her cheeks. That would be unwise, since I doubt she would like having her cheeks pinched and might take to dead screaming my ass (though I would not object to being dead screamed by my beloved).

Random rant: I really, REALLY hate the yahoo trending topics on the front page. Why? Because I don't think that they're very apt when describing high trending at any given time. I'm sorry, and lord knows I love her, but Belinda Carlisle is unlikely to be number one on a trending topic in 2010. Same with Larry Hagman. STOP MAKING ME THINK THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE DEAD SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE TOO MUCH RECOGNITION THAT I AM ALMOST 100% CERTAIN THEY DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE! It makes me panic and think that I need to start rocking out to Heaven Is A Place On Earth or watch I Dream of Jeannie reruns (sorry, I'm a Dynasty man through and through. Dallas is unimportant to me!). My heart can only take so much, and I'm already almost at my limit because of my girl Rue.