April 12th, 2010

Pluto close up

I love you, but no!

Last night was the "TWO HOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS MOVIE EVENT!!!!!!!" *cue the trumpets* While I am beyond pleased with the fact that Brothers and Sisters is finally a) back on my screen with new episodes, and b) getting 2 hour support from ABC, I was very, VERY excited because Colin Egglesfield, my boy, was going to play young William Walker! *cue the trumpets for real this time!* So, here I am counting down until they start the episode, and then do, and I squee. Then they show his name in the guest starring part, and I squee some more.

About an hour goes by, and I don't see nothing with Colin. Lots of stuff with the flashbacked children (they cast an excellent young Sarah and especially Tommy. Kitty was meh. Kevin... no, just no... Justin was just there, so we won't count him), a scene with flashbacked Nora shrouded in darkness, but nothing with William. Until I hear Colin's voice, and I squee again. He's in darkness, too, but I figure 'okay, now they should show us something!'

Only they don't. That was it. I gave myself super hype, which I know I can blame only on myself, and all I got was a voice and a shadow?!?!?

I call shenanigans on you, Brothers & Sisters. She-nan-i-gans!

Also: Justin, my favorite character, was totally marginalized... even though he got married. I don't like that he got married, because I hate the fact that he married the girl he thought was his half-sister for a year. That shit is just wrong.

At least he's not Luke Grimes, who is NEVER AROUND.

I love you, Brothers & Sisters. You almost make me yearn for the interconnectedness of a large family, or at least a mother like Nora, but no. You pretty much failed me last night.

God willing, there are some deleted scenes with Colin Egglesfield goodness. I deserve some!