April 4th, 2010

Pluto close up

Wondercon 2010

I went to San Francisco yesterday and attended Wondercon. It is my first comic book convention. I went to an anime convention in 2001, but I'd never been to a comic book convention.

I woke up at 7 and after I was ready and dressed checked my phone. girltype texted me at some ungodly hour and told me she was going to pick me up at 8:45 instead of 7:45 as originally planned. I really should start checking my phone FIRST. So, I lost an hour of sleep. Sigh.

We went on the Cal Train. My first time on a train train. It was nice. The ticket checker people are pretty hardcore. Don't mess with them. I read the Fables trades that I got in the mail on Friday (SO GOOD!!!), and had my pokewalker attached to my pocket so that I could rack up some points and level up my Dragonair.

We get to San Fran and walk to the Metreon area, but we don't know where the con is. I ask somebody and they give us the wrong directions. We ended up walking around the block (blocks in San Fran are BIG!) and finding Wondercon. We get in the registration line, where one of the things they ask is what radio station do we listen to? The crew all put NONE! because regular radio sucks sooo much.

The dealer room is very big and very crowded. I find bootleg Jem and the Holograms DVDs in the first area that I look, but I do not buy. I also see MANY MANY MANY MANY Statues and mini-busts, it's a wonderful thing.

Capcom has a booth that has Super Street Fighter IV on display. I want to play, but do not get a chance to because of the crowd. They also have a Just Dance area where people can play. It was apparently a big hit.

There is no Marvel booth. In fact, Marvel is overall pretty much underrepresented at the convention. SO MANY DC Cosplayers, but hardly ANY Marvel. Deadpool is a hit. I see no Psylocke (sigh), but I see no Wolverine (YAY!). I also see a fat Sailor Moon (shudder). Shameless white people!

I go to the X-Men forum with Carlos, and it's pretty much dead. They don't actually tell us anything and immediately open up the forum for discussion. They imply that the younger cast, aka my boy Hellion, are going to be featured more, which is good because I was going to go up there and ask but someone asked for me. Some little red haired girl asks when Jean is coming back, and we all go 'awwww!' And some guy dressed up like Jubilee is pleased that she'll be around more. A little kid says her costume is so 80s. I'm fond of the outfit myself, but I digress.

I wanted to go to the Gail Simone panel, but it was full. I missed her earlier in the day since we weren't at the con til after she left. There was another panel with her later in the day. I thought it was at 6, turns out it was at 5:30. AND IT WAS FULL TOO! I was denied Gail Simone THREE TIMES! I blame the last one on Doctor Who fans who just wanted to make sure they got a seat for the 6:45 showing of the new season. Bitches, I'm there for the actual panel, let my ass in! But no... damned British otaku.

AND I lost my pokewalker somewhere. I don't know where. I'm sad. It had my dragonair in it!

Merch haul was decent. I went a little overboard (budgeting... I tried to do it and I failed!). I ended up getting Jem for 15 bucks cheaper than at the first place when I looked somewhere else. Later I opened it up and saw that the DVDs were unmarked. They play in my PS3, however. I hate that I have to buy bootleg, since I hate bootleg, but when I don't have any other options until Hasbro puts out the full series set (hopefully next year!), it's really out of my hands. I got two more t-shirts (one Women of the DC universe, featuring Zatanna, and one t-shirt with JUST Zatanna. I love my girl!), a chun-li mini-bust from the capcom booth for only 25 bucks, and a Zatanna statue for 120 bucks.

We leave to go to the apple store (ipads are useless!) and then we have pizza. We're all tired, lack of sleep does that, and we decide to go home. But we have to kill time since we won't make it to the train. I go to Borders and buy two more fables trades (I'm at a comic book convention and I buy trades at Borders... such is life!) before we go back.

Oh yeah, and I caught something on the way up because my throat is SORE today and I felt something starting when we were going to San Fran.

Overall, it was extremely, extremely crowded in the dealer room and people kept on bumping into me and it was very uncomfortable. The merchandise was good (STATUES!), but the claustrophobia feeling was not.

I'm glad I went to one to experience it, but I don't know if I'd go back. I did have fun hanging out with my friends, though.

Enjoy your easter. I didn't get a basket or a present. The fuck?