November 1st, 2009

Pluto close up

This Is It: The IMAX Adventure!

So, me and girltype had it planned out that we would go see This Is It in IMAX. Then she couldn't do it. Then she could. So we did. We didn't check the times, assuming that the movie would be the only movie on IMAX. We were wrong. The only IMAX showing? 10:30 PM!!!! That's late, yo. But, for MJ, we suffer. So, we're at Eastridge, which was formerly quite possibly the most ghetto mall in the history of the universe but is now at least semi-decent. Problem is... we're at Eastridge at 5... so we gotta kill 5 hours.

We shop. I buy my mom 550 dollar earrings for her 50th birthday at Zales. We worry about putting them in the car for fear of thievery, but they're in my possession, so all is well in the world. I buy a Mario chess set (Luigi is the Queen... sigh), and I get some shirts from Anchor Blue. We still have a ton of time to kill, so I'm like 'we should go to Chuck E. Cheese' because the one in San Jose is huge and I have good memories of it. Before that, we go to Ross. We see nothing worth buying, but we do see 5019409304903943 of the ugliest Tinkerbelle sweaters known to man.

Back in the day, Chuck E Cheese in San Jose had two stories and the top story was filled with arcades. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing. Now? It's got a bunch of tables and a severe lack of arcades, which is fail. We do, however, see two little girls dressed up like MJ. People respect... but only now that he's gone. It's sad, really. We stay for like a half hour. As we're leaving I get nailed in the nuts by a kid who runs into me. Very uncomfortable.

We kill some more time around San Jose, stopping at some sandwich place called Lee's where we get a smoothie and something known as boba added to it. Mine is strawberry. The boba is nasty. I spit many boba out because they're just foul little things that I did not enjoy. With nothing else to do, we go back to the mall and kill more time.

Eventually we decide to just go into the movie theater and wait around. We sneak into the Saw VI (aka: the Land Before Time of Horror Films. JUST END THAT SHIT NOW!!!!) theater, watch the trailers (7!) and then walk out. Some guy asks to see our tickets. We got screwed. But he was just like 'yeah, don't do it again.' and we didn't. We went to the IMAX theater and waited for the movie to start.

What's the first trailer they show in IMAX MJ? PRINCESS AND THE MOTHERFUCKING FROG!!!!!!! I squealed. SO GOOD. I want it to be December, dammit. I want it to be December!!!!! Other trailers are fail. Avatar needs to DIAF. And that Christmas Carol will just be bad. Disney going to the well too many times with that one. You got Mickey's Christmas Carol and a Muppet Christmas Carol... be happy with that.

The movie starts. It's the second time I've seen it. Let me tell you, IMAX is a wonderful thing. The picture was so damned clear. It's like HD for movies. I loved it. I loved the movie, too. MJ had so much talent and vision and you could tell he was really, really working his ass off to give the fans a show that would do his reputation justice. Based on everything that he had planned, I would say that if This Is It had happened, it would have been his best tour. I've seen Bad. I've seen Dangerous. I realize that these were twenty years ago or less, so tech wasn't what it is now, but that shit was just amazing. And he could still dance. He doesn't moonwalk, which kind of sucks, or boxwalk, or lean, but that man could still move. And he has the vocals. He keeps on talking about how he needs to conserve his throat, and then he belts out note after note without worrying about it. Oh MJ... you do me proud.

There are some pitfalls to IMAX, however. Remember that guy at the memorial service? Black guy with the most painful face in the history of the world? Yeah... he's in this movie. And when he's in IMAX... it's just bad. That man need no makeup for Thriller. He creepy enough all by himself. And there's this one dancer with BLEACHED blond hair. I couldn't keep my eyes away from him because his hair was just so bright and unnatural. Really, how many men still bleach their hair? I mean, honestly.

The movie does a good job of letting us know what MJ had planned... but it also leaves us with a lot of questions. Questions that unfortunately will not be answered. It's a fitting tribute to the greatest entertainer who ever lived, however.