August 23rd, 2009

Pluto close up


Back from Vegas. Very tired. My body hurts. 8 days of Disneyworld, 4 days of Disneyland, these CANNOT compare to what ONE day in Vegas did to my body, let alone 3. By Saturday I was in pain and it was just bad all day yesterday. I was better today, thankfully.

Green Day rocks. I appreciated them before, but I actually like them like them now. I would go again. But next time I go I will go after having listened to their albums so that I can understand what the hell is going on and what they're saying (considering I know about 5 of their songs, one of which wasn't played, I was sort of just standing there smiling but not getting into it the way other people were...), but I WOULD see them again, no questions asked. I'd even go to Vegas again to see them, though I pray to God that they never go in August.

AND I SAW MJ!!!! Okay, the Vegas impersonator, who doesn't SOUND like MJ, and barely LOOKS like him unless he has the mask on, but that fool can danceeeee! AND HE PLAYED JAM!!!! Which rocked. We took pictures with him afterwards. Good times.

I'm tired. SO tired. SO TIRED!!!

Oh, and our plane got delayed an hour. Damned weather.

Thanks to girltype for inviting me!!!! We'll have the memories!