July 18th, 2009

Pluto close up

Sometimes people just make me want to scream!

We had like a dozen people here. I hate having people here, I really do. I'm at home, and I just want to relax. It's hard to relax when you've got a bunch of people here. Including children. They're my cousins, sure, but when did it become MY responsibility to entertain children? It shouldn't be. Those damned kids should just stay with their dad/uncle and leave me alone.

Aside from the children/people, today's been a rather good day. I got my painting from Disneyland in the mail AND my copy of GI Joe, the complete series. There's a DVD slot for the movie, too (something that Transformers lacks), which is cool except for the fact that I don't know when GI Joe will come back out on DVD. Two of the 'big three' from Hasbro/Sunbow have come out. I just PRAY for the complete Jem series to be announced at some time.

But I'm still watching Transformers, the complete series. I'm on the last disc of episodes right now and then I'll watch the final batch of special features and be done with the entire series. I kind of wanted more of the commercials that Hasbro had in the archives. I'm sure that they had EVERY commercial they did, and that would have been so freakin' cool to watch! And I love the shit out of the Dinobots. I mean, seriously, in love with them. Grimlock is my idol. MY IDOL!

Well, not really, MJ is my idol. One of them, anyway. A pretty big one. I love MJ. I still feel SO lost without him. I've dealt with celebs that I loved dying before (Hello, Estelle and Bea!), but never to the point that I was STILL depressed three weeks later. Sure, it took me basically over a year to watch Golden Girls after Estelle died, but I can't STOP listening to MJ the same way I could STOP watching Golden Girls. MJ is just... he's a part of my life. He's this entity that has clutched onto me and has been part of what people identify me with (seriously, at work everyone's like 'when I heard I thought of YOU and what YOU must be going through...' and I bet a bunch of my dormmates from college thought of me, too... maybe just 'I wonder how that freak who loved MJ is taking it,' but still...), and I miss him.

My cousin is in town this weekend. I didn't know she was in town this weekend. I had heard that she was coming, but that was on Friday and then I call my grandmother today and she tells me that my cousin is in town. On my grandmother's dime. My grandmother who does not work and is living off of social security. But oh no, when the princess wants to come, who pays for the ticket? My grandma. My cousin takes advantage of my grandmother all the time. It sickens me. It really does. Don't misunderstand me, I love my cousin, but I truly dislike a lot of the things she does. She works (she's a hooters girl!), so why can't she pay for her own flight? Tomorrow I'm going to spend most of the day with them, that way the princess doesn't get all butthurt that I didn't see her and then have my grandmother be upset that she's upset. I haven't even seen my grandmother since Disneyland. I still have to give her all the pictures and frames and everything. My cousin is going to be mad that I didn't invite her to go, but her ass told me she didn't like Disneyland, so...

FIVE EPISODES LEFT! Return of Optimus Prime!

I await the moment when everyone leaves and I can just kick back!