June 21st, 2009

Pluto close up

I loves my daddy

I do. I got him a gift card to guitar center. I tend to hate giving gift cards due to the high level of impersonality implied, but when it comes to getting my father ANYTHING, even something I KNOW he would want, he just doesn't use it. I've basically subjected myself to that fate. My dad will rarely enjoy that which I give him. So, giving him a gift card, which shows I actually WENT somewhere instead of just giving him cash, is the easiest route. Plus, it's guitar center. My dad's a musician (or something). It all works out.

But that's all we did. I gave him his present, and that was that. We're very low key here. And even though I kind of want to take him to dinner, he's passed out on the couch. If Christmas didn't involve decorating the TREE, I probably wouldn't even like Christmas. And those of you who have been on my list long enough know that Christmas is pretty much my the only holiday I look forward to. We're very low-key here.

He's up, maybe I should suggest something. No, because he'll just end up waiting for his friends like he always does.